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Three Men In A Boat

"Three Men In A Boat" Take On The Thames Founder/director of GardPass Cyber, and Nasio trustee, Neil Passingham, has teamed up with Emilio Perri, a GardPass Cyber consultant (from Argentina), and Felipe Da Costa Dias (an oceanographer/engineer [...]

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Data – a healthy dilemma?

For years now, people have complained about being swamped by email (or tweets, messages etc) but this decade is clearly becoming an era of mass data of all kinds. We are finding ever new ways [...]

The known unknown of unconscious incompetence

Recently, Neil Passingham (GardPass Cyber founder) led a team consisting of HPE colleagues plus academics from University College London, a member of the Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS) and the UK Government’s National [...]

The Dementia connection

Dementia Awareness Week 2017 has just ended. I have been thinking about a similarity between our cyber world and dementia, namely the idea of a connection. Connection Something we strive for in social media and often the [...]

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