Data – a healthy dilemma?

For years now, people have complained about being swamped by email (or tweets, messages etc) but this decade is clearly becoming an era of mass data of all kinds. We are finding ever new ways [...]

Twitter for Business

Twitter is not just for teens and twenty-somethings anymore. Instead, it is a valuable business tool you can use to promote your blog. Like all other forms of technology, you need to use Twitter the [...]


When you decide to a larger online presence, be it Internet Marketing, Ad Revenue, or any style of making a living from the internet, you’ll eventually run into the dilemma of PPC or SEO.   PPC [...]

Five Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social media gives marketers an opportunity to interact directly with prospects, making it easier to build strong business relationships. Whether you tweet about your business or use Facebook to let people know about special promotions, [...]

Easy Ways to Generate More Blog Content

WordPress blogging is one of the best ways to connect with your audience – but only if you update your blog consistently. Readers like to see you post new content on a specific schedule, such [...]

Consistency in Your Marketing

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. When you send inconsistent marketing messages, you run the risk of confusing people and making it harder for them to understand the value [...]