The Dementia connection

Dementia Awareness Week 2017 has just ended. I have been thinking about a similarity between our cyber world and dementia, namely the idea of a connection. Connection Something we strive for in social media and often the [...]

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The dark web hacking forum trading in stolen data is under new leadership

The notorious underground hacker forum called Hell, which allows users to trade in everything from hacking techniques to massive data dumps of stolen information, has reportedly been taken over by a new set of administrators. [...]

Android malware discovered on Google Play has infected millions of users with spyware

Russian security researchers have discovered a Trojan for Android that contains malware and spyware features hidden in 104 Android apps on the Google Play store. It has been downloaded over 3.2 million times already onto [...]

WhatsApp enables end-to-end encryption but there may be a cloud loophole

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the world's most widely used instant messaging service, has enabled a new end-to-end encryption feature that ensures that messages sent on its platform can be read only by the recipients. The security feature [...]

Great Firewall of China: Developer forced to set up VPN in public to bypass his own creation

The developer who helped to build the Great Firewall of China was forced to bypass the stringent web censorship system in order to access a website he needed during a speech at a public event. [...]

Panama Papers leak not an inside job as Mossack Fonseca claims servers were ‘hacked from abroad’

Mossack Fonseca, the law firm caught up in the so-called Panama Papers controversy, has denied the leak of information on over 11 million clients was an inside job and instead claimed that the company was [...]

Magic Kinder Android app security flaw lets strangers send videos to your children

Security researchers have discovered that an educational children's app created by the Kinder chocolate brand has a myriad of security issues that make it possible for strangers to spy on children using the app, and [...]

Domino’s pizza for free? Hacker finds flaw in app netting him deep crusts for nothing

Most people would go to great lengths to get some free pizza but one hacker didn't have to do much to get his slice of the action after finding a flaw in the Domino's pizza [...]

Turkey data leak: Probe launched after hackers reveal election info of 50 million civilians

Turkey's chief public prosecutor has launched an official investigation after hackers claimed to have leaked the personal information of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens to the internet. The country's justice minister, Bekir Bozdağ, said the [...]

FBI begins briefing US senators on how it hacked the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone

The FBI has begun revealing its secrets on how it unlocked the San Bernardino killer's iPhone. After battling it out in the courts, the federal agency finally accessed the data from the killer's iPhone 5c, [...]