The Dementia connection

Dementia Awareness Week 2017 has just ended. I have been thinking about a similarity between our cyber world and dementia, namely the idea of a connection. Connection Something we strive for in social media and often the [...]

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Interview tips: what not to say

When I was asked to write a blog about interviews – and what can sometimes go wrong with them – one part of me wanted to do a piece that offered interview tips knowing that [...]


Tips for part-time recruiters

If you’re new to recruiting, or it’s something you don’t do very often, it can seem like quite a daunting job. From understanding what you’re legally allowed to ask candidates, to ensuring your interview technique [...]

The benefits of social media recruiting

Not that long ago, if you had said you would be fishing for potential recruitment candidates on Facebook you’d have been laughed out of town. Well, that’s all changed.   Today, finding skilled, talented candidates using [...]

How to spot a phony candidate

The economic downturn has meant a shrinking pool of potential vacancies for jobseekers, so it’s hardly surprising that some will go to extreme lengths to get noticed by employers. In fact, a survey conducted at [...]


How to avoid lying in interviews

We’re always stressing the importance of honesty to jobseekers, especially when it comes to their CVs and interviews. But how often do recruiters stray into the world of embellishment and exaggeration in order to secure [...]


Benefits of Participating in LinkedIn Groups

Many people with LinkedIn accounts make the mistake of signing up for them and never using them again. They don’t realize that having a LinkedIn account is a powerful way to drive traffic to their [...]

Recruiters…Secure your future now!

We have the most exciting opportunities for you in the ‘red hot market’ of Cyber Security. If you have knowledge of this market or are currently in IT recruitment this could be your perfect next [...]