Dementia Awareness Week 2017 has just ended. I have been thinking about a similarity between our cyber world and dementia, namely the idea of a connection.


Something we strive for in social media and often the key to making a success of an enterprise. In recruitment, of course, relationships are far more fruitful than keyword queries of databases.


Electronic or physical links are significant here. After all, an isolated server running in a cupboard is probably approaching “secure”. However that’s assuming its connections are minimal and controlled.



I am a cyber professional from a medical family. Like many of my peers, I take an interest in what the cyber industry can contribute to advancement of solutions to challenges such as dementia and in particular, Alzheimer’s. To put it simply, Alzheimer’s is thought to be centred around connections in the brain – or lack of them.


I am part of a UK-based multi-disciplinary and international initiative, Oxonix. Our aim is to find ways to help get “value out of data for health” through innovative facilities and international collaborations e.g. with health services, universities, innovative startups.

Would you please consider contributing to a brief survey below?

The aim is to get more clarity, from a range of stakeholders, as to what obstacles you face and what help you need to make better use of dementia-related data.

Thank you in advance.


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