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Cyber Security Intelligence Analyst [re-opening] (341A)






Clearance required: SC/NS

Key Responsibilities:
*Key Cyber Security Threats, particularly those that may have an impact on NATO
*Significant Cyber Security Incidents, including relevant post-Incident Analysis
*Improvements to Cyber Security processes currently in use within NCIRC TCIMS
*Cyber Security Incident Trends


*Significant demonstrable experience in Cyber Security related environment, with an emphasis on post-incident
*Management and Analysis
*Experience in liaising at both the technical and managerial level in the successful resolution of Cyber Security *Incidents, the incumbent must have excellent written and spoken communication skills
*Experience in producing accurate and meaningful reports, both technical and managerial, on activities related to Cyber Security Incidents
*Experience I Education Equivalence
*If the candidate has a RELEVANT degree (e.g. Computer Security), this counts towards equivalence for demonstrable experience, however irrespective of candidate's education, some hands on experience within equivalent role is required
*Associate plus 2 years of Bachelor's degree relevant experience 6 years of relevant experience
*Bachelors plus 4 years relevant
*Master’s degree experience 8 years of relevant experience
*Essential to have one or more professional SANS (e.g., GSEC, GCIA) and/or CISSP and/or CISM Certifications
*Senior level of management and analysis of (i.e. Security Event Analyst experience) Cyber Security Incidents and/or configuration, operation, troubleshooting and management (i.e. Tools Specialist) in at least one of the following areas, and a high level of experience in several of the other areas:

-ArcSight products
-Network Based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)
-Host Based Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS)
-Network security appliances and networking devices and associated management software
-A variety of Security Event generating sources (e.g. Firewalls, IDS, Routers, Security Appliances)
-Computer Incident Response Centre (CIRC), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
-Computer Forensics Tools (stand alone, online and network)
-Computer Security Tools (Vulnerability Assessment, Antivirus, Protocol Analysis, Anti-Virus Protocol Analysis, Anti-Spyware, etc)
-Secure web design and development
-Military communication systems and networks
-Network, system and application level troubleshooting techniques

Personal Attributes:
*Ability to effectively manage own workload in a high tempo environment to Time, Quality and Standards
*Ability to effectively communicate technical solutions to various audiences, both technical/non-technical
*Be self-motivated and driven to follow-up Cyber Security Incidents to their logical conclusion
*Ability to work in an International environment embedded in the Customer's location in mainland Europe

Duties / Role:
As Incident Handling Officer dedicated to interaction with NATO Partners (Industry, non-NATO Nations, NGOs, etc), embedded within NCIRC working environment, successful candidate will be required to use their knowledge and experience to work on Cyber Security Incident Handling and Reporting, with emphasis on post-Incident Analysis.

Their role will involve fusing Cyber Threat Intelligence & Analysis from all relevant sources currently available to NCIRC for redistribution based on existing MoUs, Technical Agreements and Industry Partnership Agreements. Incumbent will also be in charge of engaging with NATO Cyber Threat Intelligence Stakeholders to improve quantity/quality of information exchanged. Incumbent will maintain content of existing information sharing platforms (i.e. MISP) as well as propose improvements. He will foster and maintain active information sharing relationship with CSSL partners and contributes to CSSL products.

Mons, Belgium

James Gardiner

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