Leading international social innovators and entrepreneurs share what gets them out of bed each day at this Community Change Agents (CCA) event at King’s College, London.

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Episode 1 - Nancy Hunt (Nasio Trust) Episode 1 – Nancy Hunt (Nasio Trust – GardPass Cyber’s charity)

Episode 2 – Ann Cotton (Camfed)

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We would especially appreciate comment on these questions:

  1. Do you think there is a crisis of altruism in the society?
  2. What do you think stops people from contributing altruistically?
  3. The ego-centric success culture that dominates?
  4. Need to survive first?
  5. Have you experienced the barrier in your life to dedicating yourself to contributing to the community?
  6. Is there anything that has helped you to overcome it?

Event episodes:

1. Nancy Huntthe Co-Founder and Director of The Nasio Trust, which has developed a replicable model to break the cycle of poverty in African communities through education, health care training, food production and apprenticeships while making use the traditional community traditions of care.

2. Ann Cotton – a Welsh entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is the Founder of Camfed – a charity that supports marginalised girls to go to school, succeed and lead. Camfed has involved 5,085 schools in Africa in innovative education programs. They have directly supported over 1,419,000 students to attend school. Over 3.5 million children have benefitted from an improved learning environment. Camfed was recognized by the OECD for best practice in taking development innovation to scale.

3. Andrea & Barry Coleman – the co-founders of the social enterprise Riders for Health. They transformed access to healthcare across 7 countries in Africa, for 14 million people. Riders for Health designed new ways of bringing health workers to where patients are through a series of partnerships with government institutions. They operate 1700 motorcycles and have built local expertise and supply chains for transport and maintenance.

4. Paul Riley – the Director of the project ScoreStoveTM2 and Associate at University of Nottingham. ScoreStoveTM2 was the finalist of the Siemens Empowering People Award. It was engineered to tackle the issue that smoke from indoors cooking kills 4.3 million people a year being the world’s second biggest cause of death on the planet after malaria – ScoreStove was engineered to alleviate this issue. ScoreStoveTM2 project is a member of The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – a public-private partnership developed by Shell Foundation, the UN Foundation and the US State Department.

5. Funmi Olonisakin – the Founding Director of the African Leadership Centre at King’s College London and a Professor of Security, Leadership and Development. She is building the next generation of cutting edge African scholars in the areas of conflict, security and development in Africa. Funmi has contributed to strategic thinking in post-conflict contexts and in the work of the African Union and ECOWAS.

6. Dillon Dhanecha – a venture-philanthropist, multi-millionnaire business coach,  social entrepreneur and investor. He is currently working on bringing world level education into the pockets (smartphones) of African students. His aim is bridging the gap between enterprise and charity. Therefore he is building a vehicle that will invest over £1,000,000,000 into global projects that empower young people to lead more productive lives.

YouTube videos will be added to the event playlist (accessible via this page) periodically.

Why GardPass Cyber supported this event

GardPass Cyber are happy to support initiatives such as this. CCA brought together stimulating speakers with different stories to tell – all clearly inspirational. This aligns with our ethos – that people matter and individuals can do great things if inspired and motivated.


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