We believe that GardPass Cyber has something more to offer candidates and clients than traditional recruitment agencies.

Why are we different? Hopefully our Approach and Values will help make that clear.

Our I4 Approach:

Innovative – GardPass is continually looking at “how to do things differently” – by collaborating with research bodies and fostering discussion among contacts

Informed – GardPass consultants (provided with ongoing cyber-security and recruitment training/mentoring) aim to keep candidates and clients informed of opportunities, issues and challenges through blogs, online events and even 1-2-1 communications

International – with our holistic cyber-security perspective, our operating model is built to flex as requirements demand – with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness – so we are building various forms of targeted capability across the globe

Impactful – whatever we do, results matter so GardPass endeavours to ensure candidate placements are appropriate for both parties and endure for the long-term

Our Values:

  • Integrity – openness, honesty and transparency – “saying it as it is”
  • Creativity – thought leadership, innovation and imagination – “doing things differently”
  • Excellence – distinctive, relevant and consistent – “delivering on promises”