Cyber Security Audit / Assessment service:

Many senior managers are unaware of the security posture of their organisation – how it compares with their peers and what the level of risk they are facing. Pragmatic but informed frameworks and methods are best suited to create a cyber security audit, which may or may not include recruitment of suitable staff.

This service offers a selection of assessments depending on the client’s situation and challenge:

  • CDCAT (an industry-recognised rapid capability maturity assessment developed by DSTL)
  • Cloud security maturity assessment (company-wide or for a defined scope) using a tried and tested methodology
  • Vulnerability assessment (and penetration testing) – remote or local, one-off or periodic
  • Physical testing and/or social engineering tests

This is achieved by:

  • GardPass Cyber personnel trained and licensed to deliver CDCAT assessments (with support from APMG)
  • GardPass Cyber personnel with leading cloud security qualifications and experience
  • Partners with cost-effective facilities and skilled personnel for provision of periodic/continuous testing

If you believe your organisation is in need of a cyber security audit, you can contact us for more information today.

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