Recruitment++ service:

Recruitment is often sub-optimal in several ways:

  1. skills/capabilities are poorly-defined (often due to lack of understanding of the real requirements)
  2. matching involves compromises due to a shortage of strong cyber security skills and access to good candidates
  3. candidates are often unknown until they apply for a role
  4. the timing is wrong for the client or the candidate


This service is more than standard recruitment and aims to deliver:

  • individual vetted candidates (permanent, contract or interim) – contingency or retained
  • teams of candidates (contract, interim or “tiger teams” of specialists)
  • project outsourcing or standard PM resources to run teamsA group of experts assigned to investigate and/or solve a technical or systemic problem


This is achieved by:

  • cultivation of targeted networks/communities of candidates over time
  • proactive building of “tiger teams” ensuring that quality personnel are ready to respond to client challenges
  • imaginative “vetting” approaches including deep web monitoring and psychometric techniques
  • assessment of real recruitment needs by cyber security experts [optional] to help spot any phony candidates
  • quality thought leadership and influencing of the market

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