Remediation: Cyber Security Solutions [S04]:

After identification of the most significant risks facing an organisation, it is generally necessary to perform a range of remedial activities. These cyber security solutions need to be carefully managed to ensure that the net security level is improved holistically. Often niche skills are required – which clients may not already have. Thus a “tiger” team of skilled practitioners are typically needed for the duration of the project.

Tiger Teams: Cyber Security Solutions

Building this team requires more than just putting available contractors together – to be most effective, overall coordination and understanding between individuals is recommended.

This service aims to:

  • Make suitable practitioners available as “tiger teams” or individuals (if required)
  • Provide specialist security remedial capabilities such as:
    • Policy design/development
    • SOC or SIEM consultancy
    • Security awareness – effective activities
    • Big Data analytics

This is achieved through:

  • Access to a diverse global network of skilled and experienced cyber security practitioners – often experienced in working within a team doing piecemeal work rather than standard contracts
  • Backup by GardPass Cyber, partners and forums
  • Flexible project terms

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