Thought Leadership service:

Cyber security events have long been recognised as useful for providing “space” for people – whether candidates or clients – to consider relevant topics/initiatives from different perspectives, often with contributions from in-depth experts in those areas. They also can be opportunities for linking up “owners” of problems and solutions.

This is generally very beneficial for holistic security.

However in this busy world, many good candidates are too busy to take time out to attend whole events or are swamped by the cacophany of “free events” on offer now. So, imaginative ways are necessary to engage people – and keep them engaged.

This service aims to address some of these challenges in novel ways.

This is achieved by:

  • Provision of reputable speakers/writers as required, from across academia, public sector bodies and commerical businesses
  • Contribution to and/or complete organisation of cyber events – whether online or offline
  • Creation of quality thought-provoking materials and initation of valuable discussions

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