Virtual Security Advisor service:

Many organisations, in particular SMEs, are not able to afford full-time dedicated cyber security staff. A cyber security advisor can help those who may be required to hire a candidate who does not have much experience (essential for good security management).

This service aims to:

  • provide high quality cyber security advice and hands-on expertise to clients when they need it
  • require clients to pay for an expert (or group of experts) for a flexible number of days per month so that required skills are paid for only when they are needed

This is achieved by:

  • provision of a common infrastructure for experts to manage activities for clients – whether local or remote
  • supporting “advisors” through access to a large network of experienced peers
  • overall management and oversight by GardPass Cyber

Contact us today to find out more about signing up for a cyber security advisor on a “pay as you go” basis.

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